How to Join a Live Lesson

The passcode for all classes is: catholic 
Please enter the passcode in all lower case.

All class times are in PT - Pacific Time (California time).
Each class is 45 min to 1 hour.
Seating is limited to first 100 students.

Thank you, and we will see you in class!

Tip: If you are international and are unsure of what time it is in Los Angeles, California, click this link to see the current time:

Current time in Pacific Time (California, United States.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please connect to the 'Live Lesson' with the Chrome or Firefox browser. Zoom is having issues with the Safari browser and students using Safari may not be able to access their class. 

Also, please do not connect multiple devices to the 'Live Lesson' from the same physical room, unless all students have headphones and their microphones are muted. This creates problems with the audio and makes the lesson hard to hear.