The Knights Templar is a history course like no other. Featuring an hour's worth of video across 11 lessons, this course will provide learners with an introduction to this legendary order of holy knights. The course offers study guides, quizzes, and supplemental resources for those who wish to learn more. At the end of the course, those who have completed all of the lessons and passed all the quizzes will be rewarded with a gorgeous certificate of completion. 

This course will also explore many of the mysteries surrounding the secretive order: 

- Why did the knights dig secret passages into Jerusalem's Temple Mount? 

- Did they discover the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail? 

- How did they suddenly go from being a poor order of religious warriors to one of the wealthiest institutions in the Holy Land? 

- Did the order really become tainted by occult practices and evil influences? 

- Why was the order suddenly, and violently disbanded? 

- Did one of these knights sail to the Americas --more than a century before Christopher Columbus? 

- And do the Knights Templar still exist today, engaged in secret work to protect what is holy and good?

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